"When the thoughts fall silent, the adventure begins."

Khaleesi Electra

Hetaera as a calling - dominatrix out of passion

About me



I have been working professionally in the BDSM field since 2022. I started out as a switcher, which allowed me to get to know the diversity of BDSM from every conceivable perspective. My current repertoire as a dominatrix reflects my absolute favorites among the types of play I have experienced. I offer exclusively dominant service.


For me, BDSM means erotic play, which is not goal-oriented but process-oriented, i.e. the focus is not on orgasm but on experiencing stimulation and pleasure.


In addition to my passion for BDSM as a dominatrix, I also see myself as a hetaera. I have a genuine interest in my guests and would like to experience everything that is part of being human with them: pain, euphoria, real encounters, pleasure in a variety of ways, ... For me, erotic and intellectual stimulation go hand in hand. Our encounter therefore ideally takes place in the context of a restaurant visit, a wellness stay or a cultural event.


I am a pleasure-seeker and enjoy being pampered. If I wish, you can also give me a massage. For me, pleasure is also reciprocal: when I see that you enjoy suffering for me, for example, and that my sadism excites you, it gives me great pleasure. Senseless pain is unappealing to me.


Here are a few details about my appearance:

  • Height: 1.78m
  • Eye color: green-brown
  • Hair color: dark brown with caramel accents
  • Skin type: Deep Autumn, neutral-warm undertone
  • Cup size: 85B
  • Shoe size: 40, sometimes 39 (e.g. in Pleaser high heels)
  • Glove size: 7-8
  • Clothing size: varies greatly, 38-42, S-XL
  • Latex clothing: stockings S long, pants/skirts/dresses M, tops S-M


I wear a yellow gold ring on my middle finger. I have two pierced ears on both sides and like to wear one small earring and one more flashy earring (also in yellow gold).



German is my mother tongue. My command of English is quite good. I understand French and Spanish better than I speak them.


You can find current pictures in my WhatsApp status and on my X-Account.



0174 33 75 75 7   |   khaleesi-electra@proton.me

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